Herkuleshof, Danielsberg
We Make Dreams Come True
Whatever you desire, be it a holiday in silence and contemplation, relaxation after a demanding hike, or to celebrate your wedding or another of life's milestones, we'll make you welcome in our little Austrian paradise. The Möll Valley's breathtaking landscape, the peaceful, mystical atmosphere of our mountain domain, and the cosy comfort and hospitality of our family-run inn will transport you to seventh heaven.

Herkuleshof, a century-old hunting lodge transformed into a romantic hideaway, stands atop a 950-metre peak, Danielsberg, in the middle of a valley framed by 2000-metre mountains. The inn's name gives a clue to the multilayered history of our mystical mountain, as the god Herkules himself is part of our story. The Romans built a temple to him on the summit, no doubt impressing Herkules with the magnificent panorama of the Möll Valley below. Stones and an inscription from the temple can be seen to this day, as they were incorporated into the picturesque 12th-century Catholic Church of St George that now presides over that panorama. Nearby, mysterious circular depressions in a large flat rock recall Celtic ceremonies predating the Romans, and the name of our mountain itself conjures the prophet of the Old Testament's Book of Daniel, to whom the original 5th-century church on the summit was dedicated




Uniquely Romantic
No two rooms are the same

For the most Important Day of your Life
When the sky is full of violins and romance illuminates the valley
Pinnacle of Romance
A Marriage Made in Heaven
For 900 years, the Church of St George has been enthroned on the summit of Danielsberg with panoramic views down the Möll Valley to the mountains bordering Slovenia. You could not find a more enchanting location for the exchanging of marriage vows on your big day, and the view alone will turn the most hardened cynic into a dewy-eyed romantic.
Close to Nature
Tie the Knot in Our Little Paradise
We have lovingly landscaped the entire hilltop of Danielsberg, providing a variety of picturesque spots where you can create a unique wedding ceremony in the embrace of Mother Nature. Our wedding platform over the natural bathing pond in front of Herkuleshof is one of the most popular places to say "I do"!
The Fire Organ
Unique, personal, emotional
Dietmar Fian, a local wood sculptor and fire artist, created this unique art installation on the mountain. To accompany your choice of wedding music, Dietmar will choreograph breathtaking blasts of sparks, fire fountains and glowing flame sculptures, which reflect off the rock of a hillside polished by the ice age.
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